Corona Virus prevention tips using face masks and other means

by Brock Tebbutt
face mask

History has shown that there’s a timeline of viral outbreaks that brought the world to its feet. The corona virus outbreak becomes the latest in the long line of epidemics that have threatened the existence of humans. The mode of infection, as well as the amount of damage the virus causes in the respiratory tract, makes it a great cause for concern.

Despite all of its scary traits, it’s been shown that the spread of the infection can be curbed when the right steps are followed. The corona virus is transmitted via air droplets that are released when the carrier coughs or sneezes; the virus subsequently settles on any surface it finds itself. This article points out some of the necessary steps to take to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Disinfect all surfaces

Harmful organisms that spread the corona virus tend to settle on surfaces once they are dispersed from a carrier’s body. These particles can survive for a while on surfaces, and it’s always essential to get rid of them during this phase. You could make use of alcohol-based disinfectants in cleaning and mopping all the surfaces in your home. Also, you should disinfect those gadgets that you tend to use frequently; devices such as phones and laptops fall in this category.

Maintain safe distance

The coronavirus can be spread via close contact with infected persons, and it’s essential that you keep a distance. An excellent way to maintain social distancing is by leaving a space of about 6ft from the nearest person to you. It’s important to note that a little sneeze or cough action of an infected person is more than enough to cause damage.

Use your medical mask.

You must have noticed a hike in the use of medical masks; especially the N95 ventilator variant. The use of mask provides you with optimal protection even when you’re unable to maintain social distance from infected persons. Masks are designed to filter out air droplets that carry the virus, and some of these masks offer up to 95% protection.

Use hand sanitizers

The importance of hand sanitizers in the prevention of the spread of the deadly corona virus cannot be overemphasized. There’s always a chance that your bare hands come in contact with a contaminated surface; alcohol-based sanitizers are capable of killing the virus when they settle on your hands. Incase sanitizers are not available; a combination of soap and warm water should suffice.

Do not touch your face unnecessarily.

As earlier opined, the coronavirus is capable of settling on surfaces for up to 72 hours; your bare hands inclusive. It could prove unsafe to wipe your face or nose with contaminated hands. If there’s a compelling need for you to touch your face, hand sanitizers could come quite handy.

Final thoughts

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by surprise, and this is why certain precautions are put in place to curb its spread. This article extensively highlights some of those precautions as well as the use of N-95 mask.

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