Flow Conditioner-A Tool for Improved Flow Measurement

by Brock Tebbutt

The major function of the flow conditioner is to provide a uniform flow at the sensor location to enhance the flow meter precision. Other than measurement accuracy, you can also save the cost of an operating plant.

It is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to reduce the cost and accurate measurement of liquid flow. While upgrading your plant system, you can save a lot more in many other ways, like minimizing plant maintenance costs & eradicating industrial waste.

During the flow measurement process, you need to reach these points

  • Reduce the energy cost of the plant by introducing simple instruments that require less maintenance.
  • To ensure the safety of the system and employees, you need to install self-operations.
  • Increase the productivity of the plant by ensuring the efficiency of instruments even under extreme conditions.

Flow measurement of the liquid/gas is important to keep the system well-maintained and controlled. It will not only save the cost but also protect the system from unpredictable errors.

Points To Deal With In Flow Measurement

Flow measurement is a much more complex process than your thinking. A simple flow meter did not perform this task properly. It’s not like you just place an instrument and wait for accurate results. Here we have some key challenges that you need to face during flow measurements. These points include

  • Selection of suitable equipment
  • Completely Developed Flow
  • Installation cost & effects
  • Swirl prevention in pipes
  • Consider all the possible risks related to measurement technology

All these factors are important to check out before the process starts. Here we are going to discuss some important factors.

1. Selection of Suitable Equipment

As flow measurement is a very important step of the whole system, you need to carefully select the most appropriate instrument to measure and control it. A flow conditioner is one such instrument that eliminates all the obstructions during the flow and creates an ideal situation. Other instruments are magnetic flow, vortex, and do.

2. Completely Developed Flow

In the system’s pipelines, a flow without any hurdle or disturbance is an ideal condition. And if the pipe has a very long/infinite length, this is the most important factor that you should consider. Otherwise, you cannot deal with the upcoming problems. The basic function of the flow conditioner is to maintain this fully developed flow condition and to ensure that there is no swirl in the pipe. Make sure to install this instrument during the installation process.

3. Setting up Effects

The development of a flow system is a huge and complex task. There are a lot of instruments and parts that you need to consider while designing the system. Pipes, fittings, hoses, regulators, extenders, reducers, and many other things are needed to create a fully developed flow system.

During setup, any item, fitting problem, a material fault that can create flow disturbance is known as the installation effect. The flow direction can also cause the error. The flow conditioner will resolve many of these issues to provide you the accurate measurement.

Make sure to keep all these important aspects in mind to decide the best system equipment. At the same time, it is choosing a flow conditioner that will improve all the flow measurements of your system ensures checking the Shanghai Wan Hui Machinery Co., Ltd official website. The company is providing its products with high quality, reasonable prices, and the best customer service. Check the huge range of options in the flow conditioner and order one that meets all your requirements.


Flow conditioner is an important element of the flow meter in a system. For the accurate measurements of the whole system, you need to carefully select the product from the market. The selection might be a bit difficult for you but considering the above-mentioned points will help you to decide the best.

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