Understanding the various types of an SMD Piezo Buzzer

by Brock Tebbutt

Buzzers are an audio signaling device and they could either be electromechanical, mechanical, and piezoelectric. This article focuses more on piezo buzzers.

What are piezo buzzers?

They are buzzers that create sounds based on the reverse of the piezoelectric effect. They generate beeps and tones. The underlying principle is the generation of pressure by applying the electric potential on the piezoelectric material. Piezoelectric buzzers can be used to alert its users of an upcoming event through sensor input, counter signal, and switching action. Also, they are used in alarm circuits.

Buzzers usually produce noisy sounds irrespective of the voltage variation that has been applied to it. There are piezo crystals in between the two conductors. When potential is applied to these crystals, they pull on one crystal while they push on the other. When this push and pull action occurs, it would result in a sound wave. Usually, buzzers produce sound in between 2 to 4 kHz. These crystals change shape when a voltage is applied to it.

There are different type of piezo buzzers and they include:

  • The LPT9018 3v SMD Piezo Buzzer

The 3V SMD Piezo Buzzer is manufactured in China. Its model number is LPT9018BS-HL-03-40 12-R. Its color is black with a dimension of 9*9*1.8MM. The material used is LCP. It uses the Shanghai port for LPT9018 3v SMD piezo buzzer. Its rated voltage is 3v. SP is 6.5dB min and it comes with 2000 PCS per coil. Its net weight is 12.5kg and it has a volume of 42*36*36cm.

  • 9.0*2.5mm Side hole 3V 5V SMD piezo buzzer Supplier

The 9.0×2.5mm buzzer is manufactured in China with a supply ability of 100000 Piece/Pieces per Week SMD piezo buzzer Supplier. The SMD piezo buzzer has 1000pca per reel. Its Model number is TAT-BM9025ES-0327-16. It has an operating voltage of 2-4 Vo-p and a rated Voltage: 3Vo-p. It has a coil resistance of 16±3Ω and a rated current of Max.90mA, at 4000Hz 50% duty Square Wave 5.0Vo-p. Its sound Output at 10cm: Min. 88dB, at 4000Hz 50% duty Square Wave 5.0Vo-p with a resonant Frequency: 2700Hz. It has an operating Temperature-20°C ~+70°C and store Temperature: -30°C~+80°C. Its net weight is approximately 0.5g.

  • TAT-BP1230S cheap  SMD piezo buzzer

The TAT-BP1230S  buzzer has a supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Week. The SMD piezo buzzer packing is 1000pcs/reel. It is manufactured in China and the brand name is TAT. Its model number is TAT-BP1230S. Its capacitance is 16000±30%pF at 120KHz and it has an operating Voltage of  1~20 V and a sound pressure level of ≥75dB. The operating Temperature is -20℃ to 70℃ while the storage temperature: -30℃ to 80℃

  • Top Industrial Buzzer 9*9*1.9MM Square SMD Piezo Electric Buzzer 5V

The 9×9×1.9 mm has a supply ability of 50000 Piece/Pieces per Day. Packaging Details: reel package carton. It is manufactured in China. Its model number is UGPT09A5205P. It has a rated Voltage of 5 V. Its operating voltage is 1-25V. It has a rated current of 3mA and a rated frequency of 5200HzMin. With a sound output of 70dB and the Housing Material used is LCP. It has an Operating Temperature of -30 to +70℃ and a storage temperature of -40 to +85℃. It weighs about 0.2g.

Final Thoughts

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