Applications of artificial turf and its importance

by Brock Tebbutt

What are the types of artificial landscape turf and the important considerations before buying it? Landscape turf is an artificial grass used to increase the aesthetics of the outdoor areas of your house. Apart from enhancing the aesthetics, it also decreases your house, farmhouse, or courtyard maintenance costs. Maintenance of natural grass is a crucial process that requires great attention, care, and money. Artificial landscape turf is your best option if you don’t want to go through this hassle.

It does not require maintenance like watering, mowing, or fertilizing. It comprises artificial grass blades composed of nylon, polyethylene, or propylene fibers. They are soft and appear lush green, just like the original grass but free you from the maintenance botheration. You can install the landscape turf in different portions of your house or farmhouse. The following different types of landscape turf are available:

  • Balcony turf
  • Garden or backyard turf
  • Golf turf
  • Playground turf
  • Swimming pool turf
  • Artificial grass for pet houses
  • Roof grass

What are the types of artificial landscape turf?

Artificial landscape turfs come in a variety of forms. The most commonly used form of landscape turf is turf rolls. But now, the manufacturers have also produced the tiles and rugs of the landscape turf.

Landscape turf rolls:

Landscape turf rolls are handy, portable, and easy to manage. You can roll down your turf wherever you want to install it and secure it with glue or nails. Color variety in the landscape turf allows you to choose outstanding aesthetics for different portions of your house.

Artificial landscape turf rugs:

Landscape turf rugs have the advantage that they are used both indoors and outdoors. The primary purpose is to enhance the overall look of your house. Turf rugs are used at the entrance or on the balconies.

Artificial landscape turf tiles:

Landscape turf tiles are the best option when you do not have to cover extensive lawns or backyards. They are easy to install in small portions, patios, and decks. Turf tiles have an interlocking system that connects them. You can create different patterns or designs with your artificial landscape turf tiles.

Considerations before purchasing landscape turf:

There are specific considerations that you should keep in mind before purchasing any landscape turf. Some of them are given below:

Face weight of the turf:

The face weight of the turf is one of the most important considerations before buying any landscape turf. It is defined as the weight of the landscape turf per square yard. Face weight determines the durability and tensile strength of the turf. So, it is chosen according to the foot traffic on the landscape turf. Most landscape turfs are used for residential purposes and not for commercial purposes. So, they usually do not require high face weight as foot traffic is low. The greater face weight of the turf means that raw material is used in bulk to make it durable.

The thickness of the turf:

The thickness of the turf is vital in determining the swiftness and softness of the grass. If you want soft and plushy grass, choose fibers with thick blades.

Raw material:

Fibers of polyethylene, propylene, or nylon make high-quality landscape artificial turfs.

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