The Significance of the Samurai Sword

by Brock Tebbutt

The samurai sword plays an essential role in Japanese tradition. It has been widely admired for its technical excellence, intricate creation, elegance, and spiritual qualities. The fact that they were only made by a handmade swords expert and once wielded only by the Samurai gave them a sense of exclusivity as well – making Samurai swords one of the best and most valuable swords to collect worldwide.

Who are the Samurai?

The Samurai are warriors and were considered to be the elite class in Japanese feudal society.

The term samurai came from the Japanese verb “saburau,” which means “one who serves.” Indeed, the samurai warriors were tasked to serve and protect the imperial family, the lords, and their people.

The Samurai were well-disciplined and followed an unwritten code of moral principles known as the Bushido. A true samurai will never be boastful or loud about their status. They were trained to be independent, appreciate the beauty of life, and be silent but intense.

This shows that they were not only fighters but also cultured and dedicated members of society.

The Samurai are also men of honor. A failure from their part brings dishonor and shame to their families. Samurais, who have gone through these situations, perform the act of seppuku. This martial suicide has been practiced since the 12th century. This is done by slitting the stomach open, as it was believed that the human spirit resided in the stomach. Seppuku was considered to be the bravest and most straightforward manner to die. Only male samurai warriors were allowed to commit this act of suicide.

The samurai sword

The Bushido made the samurai sword an emblem of a samurai’s spirit and power. Possessing a samurai sword commands self-respect and responsibility. The blade is also considered as a symbol of the honor and loyalty of a samurai warrior. It is also believed that a samurai’s sword is not only a good legacy, but it also becomes the vessel for the Samurai’s soul. This is one of the reasons why Samurai swords have been kept as heirlooms that are passed from one generation to the next.

The spiritual significance of the samurai sword

In Shito, the body of spirit or Shintai can be found not only in nature like trees, rivers, stones, or mountains. The Shintai can also be found in man-made objects like a sword. Swords can reflect sunlight, which is considered the symbol of the highest divine power and source of all life on earth. Thus, swords are often used when it comes to spiritual healing as they are believed to emit sacred energy.

You can have your own samurai sword

If you are a samurai fan, the best thing you can probably own is an authentic samurai sword. Although there has been a decline in the use of samurai swords ever since firearms were introduced in Japan, the art of making samurai swords and even being a samurai is still alive today.

Getting your hands on a real samurai sword that has been around for centuries may be very expensive. But there are more affordable ways to get your hands on a real, authentic sword by purchasing one that is custom-made. Today’s swordsmiths can easily copy any design, so you can easily order a replica that works just as good as the original blade.

The key is to find an authentic handmade swords expert that can do the job for you. Always ask for recommendations from known samurai sword enthusiasts and collectors.

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