How to Use A CNC Press Brake

by Brock Tebbutt
Press Brake

All across the country, there are various fabricating and welding companies scattered around and these companies need proper machinery to boost their capability. It could be that these companies are experts or they could just employ a good marketing company to handle their marketing and promoting all their services.

All this seems wonderful and when it comes to the fabrication of metal, companies need to do this accurately and work at a certain standard to achieve maximum productivity daily. In the world of metal fabrication, one very important component in carrying out a successful project is through the fabricators and operators who handle the types of machinery to achieve a complete job.

One of the vital parts of operating a CNC press brake is getting the right operator. Press brakes are machines that are used in the bending of sheet metal and transforming them in various shapes and forms. There are lots of operators who tend to pick up their experience through the trial and error method until they perfect it.

However, some of these operators receive formal training before they begin handling this machine. You must know however that no matter how the machine is taught to an operator, there are important things an operator should know in the handling of a press brake. Four areas are highly important and they include:

The Operator

The role of the operator is very vital as a good operator should always aspire to learn newer and better ways of his craft as well as going through more training on how to implement newer technologies.

An operator should have a complete and versatile understanding of press brakes and the entire fabrication process. This includes the start to finish. They should know a machine set up, capabilities of a particular machine and the time required to meet up with a particular job specification.

The Press Brake machine

Press brakes come in various types and can be found easily in the market today. Each of these brakes come with thief own capabilities as well as limitations to carefully consider before purchasing. It is very important to also consider the maintainable requirements. These press brakes machines include retrofitted CNC, hydraulic, mechanical and full CNC brakes. Each of these machines has its uniqueness which operators must fully understand.


Making quality parts with bad tooling is almost impossible to carry out. There are different types of bending and they all require different types of tooling. Experienced press brake operators need to understand all the kinds of tooling tolerance properly to handle a press brake appropriately.


The drawing has all the necessary information to make parts. They include dimensions of parts, bend angles, the inside radius of the bend as well as the needed tolerance for each piece.

The specifications are properly laid out in drawing and must be taken into consideration the tooling and press brake capabilities used for any project whatsoever.

Press brakes are not difficult once you get the hang of it but should be handled by professionals who know what to do and how to do it.

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