How to make use of the 3D Printed Drone Kit

by Brock Tebbutt
3D Printed Drone Kit

The invention of the 3D printer was a big boon to the world of engineering and architecture especially. Models and prototypes of just about any detailed computer diagram could be printed in a matter of minutes or hours at most.

However, the 3D printers are not just useful in a working environment or official setting. The 3D printers were a lot of fun when they were initially produced. They still are a lot of fun as they allow one to print just about anything (a feature kids, youths and even some adults enjoy).

There are various types of 3D printers. Now, the 3D printer has made it possible to possess the magic of the 3D printed drone kit as well as all the fun that comes with it. The 3D printed drone kit is more than just a regular drone set.

What exactly is a 3D Printed Drone Kit?

This particular drone set (the 3D printed drone kit) makes use of 3D technology to complement itself. What exactly does that mean? Well, it is a drone set which is to be assembled by “yourself”. So it is kind of like a “do it yourself” (DIY) pet project.

The drone set comes in various parts or pieces for you to assemble. But the “3D printed” in its name comes from the fact that you have to print some parts on your own using a 3D printer. The material you want to use is left to you to decide. The texture of the material, its color, and any other little details are left up to you.

Benefits of the 3D Printed Drone Kit

The most obvious benefit of the drone kit is discovered in how much of a fun package this is. This drone set allows one to start having fun right from the get-go (the coupling or assembling process). You can experience the fun of having to print certain required parts of the drone by yourself.

Although it might seem stressful, it is the best part or feature of the drone. This is because you could use just about any material you desire. The texture, the color, all the details of the material you want to use are left for you to choose. So in a way, you are a part of the manufacturing process. How much fun is that?

However, to make the best out of the drone, you might want to consider making use of its real-time streaming abilities. Pictures and videos streamed are displayed in 1080p full HD resolution. That is possible as the drone has a built-in Wifi video camera that can be used for real-time displays.

The 3D printed drone could also be used for more educational purposes. For instance, giving kids in a school environment the opportunity to assembly the drone on their own (after giving instructions) is highly beneficial. This is because it allows them to brainstorm and face a sort of real-life challenge. It helps their problem-solving skill. It could also be used in subjects such as physics and mathematics for a variety of topics including gravity, mechanics, elevation and many others. The kids are also exposed to technology such as Bluetooth and even the lithium battery.

The drone is super easy to use and control. It has a headless mode which allows for any of its sides to serve as the front. If you explore the drone long enough 360 ᵒ turns as well as other maneuvers will come naturally to you.


This drone set fits just about everyone. It engages your creativity in the printing part as you get to choose the colors you love. It is easy to assemble and loads of fun.

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