Popular Types Of Finishing Services Used In Manufacturing

by Brock Tebbutt

In manufacturing, finishing is very important. Finishing services help add to the overall product appearance and efficiency. For instance, they can add to the quality and durability of the manufactured component. Manufacturers employ these services to meet customers’ needs and enhance the value of their products. There are several types of finishing services which will be discussed below.

Types of finishing services

Below are the most common types of finishing services that you may want to consider for your manufacturing;

1. Anodizing

Anodizing is the most popular method of finishing an aluminum surface. The process involves the use of an electrolyte and electric current to form an electrochemical reaction. The reaction triggers the process of oxidation. Oxidation is where oxygen reacts with a metal to form an oxide layer. In this case, the oxide layer is aluminum oxide. It is referred to as a protective or barrier layer. The layer is usually harder than the bare or base metal. This means that it can withstand corrosion and scratches.

2. Bead blasting

Bead blasting is a finishing technique used to create a uniform mate finish on parts. The method is also used to remove tool marks formed from the machining process. For this reason, this technique is often used for processes where the machining process results in the formation of visible marks. In this process, the part is blasted with small beads using a pressured gun.

3. Burnishing

This is a forming process used to alter the surface finish and hardness of machined components. The process involves using a coated roller to run over the surface of the part. In addition to creating a mirror finish, it can also be used to improve corrosion resistance. It eliminates the porosity of the surface and reduces any visual defects on the product surface.

4. Painting

This is the easiest form of finishing. Painting creates a simple coating on a product, making it less exposed and susceptible to damages. While painting can be highly beneficial, it is also prone to issues like peeling.

Why choose anodizing?

Among all the types of finishing services mentioned above, anodizing is the most advantageous. Below are some advantages of anodizing;

  • It helps form increase the durability and wear-resistance of a manufactured part
  • It improves the physical properties of the part. For instance, it enhances its heat dissipation
  • It helps lower the maintenance costs for the parts
  • It makes the product corrosion and scratch resistance
  • It improves the aesthetics of the parts
  • The process is cost-efficient

Which metals can be anodized

Anodizing can be done on a wide range of metals. Aluminum is the most common type of anodized metal. While the raw or bare metal is strong and durable, it is susceptible to reactions with chemicals that could affect its quality. Anodizing helps eliminate all these issues. Anodizing can be done on various aluminum alloys. It can also be done on other metals like iron and titanium and their alloys.


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