What are the various types of CNC Machining?

by Brock Tebbutt

CNC machining is an integral part of CNC machining. With CNC machining, the potential for the manufacturing world is endless. With CNC machining has come a large variety of CNC machines. For more information and CNC machining services and the machines available, you can click this company website.

In CNC machining, there is a wide range of manufacturing process where a certain material is removed from a bar and is used to produce a finished component. CNC machining is can be done on 5 different types of machines in 5 common types.

Types of CNC Machining

1. CNC Lathes and Turning Machine

These machines are known for their ability to turn materials during operation. The tools for cutting are put in linear motion on the rotating bar stock; material around the circumference is being removed until the required diameter is accomplished.

CNC Lathes and Turning Machines have the ability to create features both internal and external on the component. Some of these features include reamed holes, drilled holes, slots, tapping, tapers and threads. Bolts, screws, poppets and shafts are examples of components that can be made on the CNC lathes and turning centers.

2. CNC Milling Machines

The CNC milling machine have the ability to rotate the cutting tools as it holds the block stationary. The CNC milling machine is capable of producing a wide range of shapes such as face-milled and peripheral milled features.

Rectangular and square shaped components with a variety of features are the main components that are produced on the CNC Milling Machine.

3. CNC Laser Machines

CNC Laser Machines makes use a highly focused laser beam. They have a pointed router. Due to the heat from the laser beam, the material melts or vaporizes, causing a cut in the material.

A precise cut is created in the sheet material with the laser beam that moves back and forth over the material. The process of creating a precise cut in the material makes it possible to produce a wider range of designs than other cutting machines.

Part marking and decoration of machine components are usually done by laser engravers. Part marking a company name and logo can be quite difficult on a CNC turned or a CNC milled component. But with the CNC laser machines, the job is easier. After the machining processes are completed, the laser engraving can be used to add to the component.

4. CNC Electrical Discharge Machines

The electrical discharge machines manipulates materials into the desired shape with the use of highly controlled electrical sparks. This process is can be referred to as spark eroding, spark machining, wire burning or die sinking.

To effectively make use of the CNC electrical discharge machine, the machine is programmed to release a certain amount of electrical discharge, the wire may produce heat up to 21,000 degrees Fahrenheit while the desired component is placed under the electrode wire.


CNC machining is a preferable choice of machining since it has a variety of benefits. Machining without the programing capabilities is a lot harder and requires human regular intervention.

The CNC programmable machining helps reduce the number of cycles, and makes better finishes. Various jobs can be completed at the same time which improves the quality of the product and its consistency.

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